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The dining room in this Fox Mill home is an important space. It’s seen when entering through the front door. First impressions really count. Buyers form a “like” or “don’t like” decision within seconds of entering your home.

To create the new look: The old dining set was carried to temporary storage until the move.  The homeowner’s kitchen table and chairs were swapped into the dining room for a softer look. A smaller kitchen table was brought in to the kitchen.

Artificial flowers were removed and fresh garden blooms were clipped for the tablescape.

Removing the lace curtains lets the light flow in and fill the room with natural light! It also helps our eyes keep moving upward to take note of the tray ceiling. The walls were already this lovely griege color and this helped bounce off the natural sunlight.

Removing the very colorful and busy rug, helps to highlight the beautiful hardwood floors.  Hardwood floors are in high demand among buyers so we want to make sure they are noticed! A more spacious look and feel is also created with the bare floor in this particular room.

To compliment the space, one piece of artwork was hung on the wall. We keep it simple when staging. It’s not going to win a decor contest or magazine cover, our goal is to sell the home.

There’s just enough to show how spaces can be used and to help take potential buyers’ eyes to the important features of the home. Some refer to the look as a bit minimalist, but it’s really a look that isn’t over done or over decorated… just enough to help the home make the “memorable” list, create an emotional connection from which we generally see great offers!

Helping home sellers sell quickly and for high sale prices is what makes us so happy here at Style It Home!

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