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“Are we still painting walls grey?  I thought greys were out now.

That is by far the most common question I am asked among home owners, agents and builders. 

My answer is always a bit complex… But it’s always YES, we are still in the grey trend! 

But, that’s because I live and work with clients in the Chicago Suburbs. Most of my work is 45 miles west of Chicago.

Why is this important information? 

Because color trends move in decades and in a particular geographic pattern.

In the previous decade, most of America was decorating in a palate referred to as the Tuscan Brown Trend.

Currently, most of North America is in the Parisian Grey trend and decade.  It’s full of shades of greys and neutrals and whites. It works beautifully with clean accent colors, black and white, natural textures and mixed metals.  More about this topic much later.

I bet you remember rooms full of burgundy and forest green during the 90’s.  Floral wall paper in the same deep colors covered many walls and even an  added layer of wall paper borders over the top! Over the top? Yes, that’s over the top in a bad way! Especially when you need to remove it all! 

The 80’s were full of light blue and mauve, many had geese with their wall paper borders too. As you can see, each decade has been known for it’s paired color combinations. 

So, how does your geographic location fall into play?

We usually see the color trends beginning in Europe. It then trickles to the East Coast and West Coast.  It becomes most prevalent in the biggest cities on those coasts, in commercial setting first and then into residential.

Next they move up and down those coasts. 

Eventually the color trends move inland to the largest cities and then a few more years, the trend spreads into their suburbs… But each step takes a few years. 

So, being an hour outside of a major Midwest City you can see why we are quite a few years behind the color trend of most of North America!   From what I am seeing, many, maybe most, homes here in the Fox Valley are still in the Tuscan/ Brown trend. Many walls are painted in pink beiges, gold beiges. Many countertops and tiles are full of brown, cream and beiges.

So, while many parts of the country are 7 years into this fresh grey trend with possibly 3 years left, we are likely only 2-3 years into the trend with 7-8 years left of it, here in Chicago’s Fox Valley.  If you live closer to Chicago, you have likely been seeing the grey trend for a few years already.

Most metropolitian areas on the West and East Coast are 7 years into this trend though.   

Please don’t get me wrong, if you love your home this way, please keep it this way…If all of your fixed elements are creamy, brown and pink beige, they don’t have to be removed!

You can certainly update with new paint color and accessories, furniture or even larger remodels if you like. 

There’s a lot more to come as I take you through how we’ve helped homeowners and builders transform and create amazing spaces for selling and for dwelling!

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