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Design Services


It all begins with a free 15-minute phone call to discuss your project, timeline and needs.


This is where all our projects and work together begins. This 90 minutes- 2 hours meeting is the time to dive into your needs and develop a plan of action for your project.

This is perfect for a Homeowner who: 

  • Purchased a new home and is overwhelmed with their options.
  • In their forever house and would like a more updated and/or feeling of home.
  • Plans to sell their house and would like a DIY plan of action to prepare for their real estate listing photos.
  • Would like their home updated and prepared in time for their local move in. (local or out-of-state)
  • Needs paint color selections for their interior.
  • Needs new finishes, flooring, & advice on all design dilemma’s and feel stuck or confused by internet overwhelm.

After your initial consultation, we decide together which service model fits your needs for further help, if needed.



Ongoing advice for a variety of projects throughout your home to be used over a month or two.


This is perfect for a Homeowner who: 

  • Is starting a kitchen revamp where you need advice on countertops, backsplash, hardware, and/or light fixtures selections to create the new updated look you are after.
  • Needs help with selections for one room and doesn’t mind purchasing and handling the delivery from retail sources.
  • Would like assistance updating light fixtures, paint, furniture and would like to incorporate much of what they already own.
  • Need their home staged or styled with what you already own or a combination of newly selected accessories, art or minimal furniture. 


2 hours is used virtually to develop your design concept then followed by a day of shopping our selected vendors.

This is great for light fixtures, art and furniture, countertop and backsplash options. This can also include your favorite stores if you prefer. We set up a shopping list and check it off as we go. The goal is to select and purchase at least 75% of your shopping list on this special VIP day. (2 hours of virtual board set up and sharing of images), measure at consult day, then 4 hour day of shopping)



This is good for the busy homeowner who would like all of the details taken care of. This includes design concepts in the first phase of the work with 1-2 revisions as determined in our initial meeting. Communication with contractors/tradesmen and ordering of to the trade materials, furniture and furnishings and accessories to complete your home. We focus on flow from one room to the next and special attention to developing and understanding your aesthetic and desired function of your home. (Price to be determined based on project details)


“In 15 minutes, Carolyn has ideas that I hadn’t even thought of and big sheets of color samples.”

~ Tricia D., Homeowner in St. Charles, IL

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“Carolyn enhances spaces with tasteful furnishings and offers a unique approach that has dramatically improved the look and feel of each each home she styles.”

~ Carie H., Real Estate Broker in Geneva, IL